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Sara teaching at the Raqs Sharqi summer school in Winchester







Classes start with a warm-up, using Yoga and other forms of body work. They aim to develop creativity and the capacity to improvise as well as providing a firm grounding in technique and familiarity with Egyptian music.

I aim to give individual attention to all my students and therefore keep class sizes small.

I rarely teach choreographies as my interest is in developing the capacity to improvise. I aim to nurture each student’s individuality and self expression.

Beginners’ classes are open to complete beginners without any previous dance experience. No special level of fitness is required to start dancing, although I would want to know beforehand about any specific injuries or areas of difficulty, such as back or neck problems. Any loose comfortable clothing is appropriate for beginners’ classes plus a scarf to tie around the hips. We dance in bare feet.

General level classes are open to all levels except complete beginners.

Intermediate/Advanced classes are suitable for students who wish to perform in a theatre context and have a full grasp of basic technique and some understanding of the different forms, Baladi, Sha’abi, Sharqi, and of Egyptian rhythm and music interpretation.

NB: Students joining my classes who have already studied other middle-eastern dance forms would normally be advised to come first to beginners’ classes as styles differ enormously.





Classes and Workshops

At The Place
16 Flaxman Terrace
London WC1H 9AT

There are some changes to the regular routine of Sunday classes over the next few months. After April instead of classes every week there will be a series of workshops.

There will be classes on April 21st and 28th and the focus will be on reviewing technique and basic movements. There will be an extensive warm up and intensive work on perfecting movements. These two classes are suitable for everyone other than complete beginners.11.30 - 1pm, 13.50 per class

There are no regular classes in May.

May 12th, May 19th workshops on Raqs Sharqi with Sephardic and Ladino Jewish music. Each of these can be taken individually but it will be better if you can come to both.

11 - 1pm. Beginners 2/Intermediate level

17 each workshop or 30 for two.

No regular classes
June 9th 3 - 6pm Baladi Workshop. Baladi Takasim and drum solos

Intermediate level, 25

No regular classes
July 21st 11-2pm Baladi workshop. Ashrah Baladi beginnings and endings. with live music from Guy Schalom and Sheik Taha
Intermediate level 35.